Stayin Alive - David Cruickshanks

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Equally as tense and claustrophobic as it is funny, sweet and poignant, Stayin Alive puts you shoulder to shoulder with PTSD sufferer David Cruickshanks as he navigates domestic unrest as a child, the savagery of war in the Falklands as a teenager, the challenges of covering significant events as a press photographer in adulthood, and the heat of the spotlight as a stand-up comedian in his 50s.


Despite these tribulations, PTSD has only managed to nearly steal his life. With perspective and humour as his weapons, Cruickshanks has an uncanny ability to find the joke in almost every situation – including walking across a minefield unaware he could be blown to smithereens any second, disarming bullies and narcissists with gags, and using patter to make up for his lack of height when trying to impress the opposite sex.


This story of survival, perseverance and indomitable spirit acts as a great reminder that the lifelong impact of war, whilst harrowing and often unforgiving, can shape a person’s future in a way that is positive, rewarding and full of belly laughs.